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EXTREMELY Important! The Chip - Bishop's Letter Forwarded

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EXTREMELY Important! The Chip - Bishop's Letter Forwarded
The letter below is coming from Lvov, a city in Western Ukraine (Lwow in Polish), and it shows the concern of this Church leader about the initial provision in the Affordable Healthcare Act of Obama for chips to be placed under the skin of Americans. Ultimately, thank God, that particular provision was changed to permit only a study group for it, so that the research could go forward for it with those who volunteer for the chip. It is good to have the thinking of the Byzantine Bishop on this important matter. One must never take any chip (even for health purposes) under the skin. It will become a tool of the Anti-Christ for buying and selling eventually, and for tracking individuals during his short reign. Thank you for your urgent perusal and consideration and prayer over this important matter. -Nana (Mary Agnes Kumar)
All should read the letter and watch the youtube.
This is extremely important information for everybody, physically and spiritually!

Letter to the U.S. Congress

Lvov  ( Ukraine ), August 2, 2012
U.S. Congress
Dear members of the U.S. Congress,
the press published an information that  President Obama issued a ruling according to which all Americans are to receive a microchip – implant – by March 23, 2013.

Text of the U.S. law on health protection, which You have already voted through, was deliberately vaguely formulated so that America should become the first country in the world where every citizen will be forced to receive implanted radio-identifier RFID – a microchip – under the guise of control over providing health care.

Bilderberg Group gave an order to chip entire population of the U.S., and then the rest of the world. Already before the bill “On health protection” was adopted, it had been planned that 2013 is going to become the year when every child born in the U.S. will receive a microchip at birth. This is now becoming a reality. No matter what view one takes of amnesty or immigration, the main thing is that everyone be chipped in order to make an electronic database for Big Brother to detect all personal information. President Ronald Reagan refused to sign a similar law and called it “the seal of Antichrist”.

From the human point of view, implantation of chips is inhumane and unacceptable violation of basic human rights. The chip implanted in one’s hand:
1)  deprives one of his personal life, personal liberty, the right to self-identification.
2) owing to new technology, in irresponsible hands, can whenever turn into an instrument for  influencing the function of vital organs up to their total upset – it will be an electronic murder .
3) New technology allows  manipulation of human mind and will . At any time, the chip can become a means of such kind of manipulation which will  turn man into a medium of people controlling chips – and that is a crime!
4) RFID chips and new more advanced chips enable electronic  control over every movement  of the chip bearer and his identification. Up to this time this method has been used only in cases of criminals.
5) It enables total control of personal life, e.g. what one buys and where he does the shopping, where one travels, who one meets with, what actions one takes part in… (When a person buys or sells something, the change should be encrypted on a chip. However, there is a danger: on the chip of a house or business owner may be encrypted an additional change which will deprive him of ownership. Change in the chip has greater legal force than a paper document which thus loses its weight.)

In this way, according to international standards, “undesirable” citizens will be punished without trial, just by way of changing data on the chip.

This leads to a breach of national security of individual states, and especially of the individual’s personal safety.

From a spiritual point of view, the Holy Scripture says about chips that all without exception will be forced to receive  “a mark  on their right hand or on their forehead ” , for otherwise they  “will not be able to buy or to sell”  (or be treated in medical facilities, etc.). This mark contains the number of the beast 666 (cf. Rev 13:16-18).

However, this will have yet other consequences for the immortal human soul:  “He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.”  (Rev 14:9-10). The seal of the Antichrist which people will receive on their forehead or right hand is now easily imprinted  on the body using a barcode tattoo or through mentioned chip. Today, the use of both methods is planned, which are inseparably linked with the key electronic code “666”.  The use of antichrist’s symbol (number 666) in electronic systems is not accidental, but ideological.

For Christians and all other people the very act of reception of a microchip, biochip or “health” chip will become a “stumbling block” owing to the existing parallel with the biblical mark of the beast. Will the believers be granted a “privilege” in this respect or will they face the decision – either to receive the chip implant or to be morally and physically destroyed? Moreover, after the implantation any microchip technology can be activated to intensify control. In this way a “simple” implantation of a microchip may turn into a technology that will make people reject Jesus Christ as the Lord and worship the Antichrist as god just to  take part in the economic system . The introduction of microchips and the development of their technology make this danger very real.

In 1997, new electronic passports were to be introduced in Greece . Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox Church of Greece asked experts in economics, mathematics and computer technology to investigate a suspicion that the use of the number 666 is planned in this area. In its efforts for the salvation of souls, the Synod addressed the Greek nation, government officials and the EU leadership and expressed its negative position towards all aspects of this problem. The Synod called upon them not to let the number 666, as a code number of state electronic systems be introduced in a new passport system of the Greek state.

Orthodox Archbishop of Odessa said on this issue:  “It’s time to talk about what actually is the situation like in the nation and the world. Silence means cooperation with lie.”  He added that it is a big mistake to say that reception of outward signs, symbols and rules of conduct introduced by New Age can not cause us harm.  “They have been created under the inspiration of the devil so that through their mediation one could in fact cause harm and, if possible, deceive even the elect…”

Gestapo in Nazi Germany deprived millions of people of their lives in concentration camps through the control of people, introduction of personal data registers of ethnical and religious groups. We ask: What is the end of the use of electronic control over citizens by means of chips which can not guarantee safe protection of personal data? In whose hands will these modern  electronic concentration camps  be? Who will exercise control over people’s health, will and minds through these new technologies? Who will be the killer that will electronically destroy the lives of “undesirable” people? The Word of God gives the answer (2Thes 2): A person who will gain political power over the whole world and will be completely possessed by the devil (the Antichrist). Therefore, he is called the son of PERDITION, whom the Lord Jesus will consume with the breath of His mouth.

Dear Congressmen, with respect to the above mentioned facts,  we urge You not to pass this law, because it leads to total control and manipulation of each individual, violates one’s rights and freedoms, causes the loss of state independence, and what is most serious – it leads to eternal destruction of millions of souls.

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate + Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr Secretary Bishops Cc: - Members of the European Parliament - Governments of South and North America - Mass media



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